Sunday 16 October 2011

Killing two birds(eye pies) with one stone

Birdseye Pie Review

So when it came to the crunch and there were two Birdseye pies to choose from in the freezer compartment of the local convenience store, there was only one choice for this pierateer – I was going to have to choose them both and give them a thorough taste test! So with a chicken pie in one hand and a steak and kidney pie in the other, I set back to my friend’s house to heat them up and give them a go. They weren’t the largest pies in Britain, so it was well worth eating them both, although this did ramp up the price a bit and place question marks over the cheapness of the pie.

So onto the eating... As you can see from the picture, they aren’t easy to tell apart from the outside! However the Chicken pie had a lighter, chicken gravy with nice big chunks of chicken and the Steak and kidney pie – rather surprisingly – had a darker, beef gravy with chunks of steak and kidney. (Yes, you do have to have a degree in Rocket Science to do these pie reviews.) The short crust pastry on the pies became a lovely golden colour but was a little dry, so it was good to have a nice gravy filling in both. There was a little bit of carrot filler in the chicken pie but the steak and kidney pie was just meat and gravy. Still, the fillings in both were very nice and the major selling point of the pies. While they are obviously mass produced pies, this does mean they are readily available in many local convenience stores and most bigger stores as well, and the main criticism was the smallness of the pie itself, which is why I’d recommend it is always best to kill two birds(eye pies) with one stone (or at least eat two pies rather than just the one!)

Score: 4.95/7

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