Tuesday 24 September 2013

Stars And Their Pies - Celebrities Who Love Pies

There's no better endorsement than a celebrity endorsement - and we're sure there are loads of celebrities out there who endorse the greatness of a pie! So here we aim to list self-confessed celebrity pie-lovers - and those famous names who we have reason to suspect enjoy a pie (or two!) Do let us know if you spot any more celebs munching on pies (on Twitter, the web or in person!)

Self-confessed celebrity pie fans

Barack Obama - After watching this video you won't be debating whether he loves pie - you'll be debating whether he can stop talking about pie. However, it seems that Obama has an affection for sweet dessert pies - many of which aren't actual pies, like pecan pie or sweet potato pie. Does Obama also share the same love for fully encased pies?

Warwick Davis - We're not sure if Ewok's are into pies, but delighted that Warwick Davis is! He was making a pie on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch and tweeted us about his love of pies:

Miranda Hart - Miranda posted a message on her Twitter account stating her love for Higgidy pies. We enjoy them too, Miranda!

David Beckham - Rumour has it that this footballer is about to kick-off a pie-and-mash venture with Gordon Ramsey. And here's some more proof of Beckham's love of pie-and-mash.

Chris Evans - looks very happy to be around these pies (BBC), and more evidence of Chris eating pies (BBC). Also his blog post here confirms his love of apple pie (BBC). Evidence enough for us!

In July 2015 Chris was seen munching on Dee's Pies while planning the scripts for Top Gear!

Keri-Anne Payne - Keri-Anne tweeted us to tell us she loves a good pie! Fortunately the Team GB Olympic Silver Medallist in the 10k Open Water event has found the right blog to help with her pie selection!

Jonathan Ross - Apparently Wossy likes a good Fray Bentos Pie!

Celine Dion - The biggest selling female artist of all time loves...PIE! Here's what Celine said in the Metro Newspaper recently - and she didn't even have to "Think Twice"...

Graeme Swann and Toni Duggan - It appears there was pie banter a plenty going on between England cricketer Graeme Swann and women's footballer Toni Duggan recently. No shame in being a pie eater! That definitely deserves a place on the #CelebrityPieQuest!

Zara Dampney - following on from a number of other Team GB Olympians, it's great to hear Zara loves a good pie too!

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee - once again following in the footsteps (and swimming strokes and cycle tracks) of a number of other Team GB Olympians, it's great to hear the Triathlon superstars love a good pie too! Wonder if they'll ever do a Pieathlon one day?!
Dan Walker - Having spoken to the man himself, when he's not got his focus on the football, Dan's got his eyes on the pies! He pie rates the pies at Kidderminster and Forest Green Rovers!

Suspected celebrity pie fans

John Cleese - ordered a batch of Pieminister pies during a visit to Bristol (pieminister.co.uk)

Julie Walters - enjoys the Chicken of Aragon pie from Pieminister (thisisbristol.co.uk)

Keira Knightley - enjoys the Chicken of Aragon pie from Pieminister (thisisbristol.co.uk)

Dannii Minogue - enjoys the Heidi pie from Pieminister (thisisbristol.co.uk)

Kate Moss - seems to be quite a pie fan considering her waifish figure. Pieminister claim she loves their pies (pieminister.co.uk) and also Square Pie say that their spinach, sweet potato and goats cheese is her favourite (squarepie.com).

Moby - is a judge of the vegan category at 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest (blogs.kcrw.com)

Damon Hill - says regarding Mayfair's Windmill Pub: "I had the world champion steak and kidney pie and (as one to another) it was well worthy of the title"

Do you know any others? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on Twitter using #StarsAndTheirPies.

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