Monday 26 November 2012

Half Time Pie

What are the cheapest and most expensive pies at football clubs? After all, cheapness is one Pierate's Seven Cs when assessing for the best pie in the world.

What else would you do at half time?!! I think it pretty much explains itself...

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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Cor! What a scorcher of a pie in Corfu

*Pierate are extremely proud to present this very special guest review from one of our treasured readers*

Pie corfu

In the village of Loustri, in the North Eastern corner of Corfu above Agni Bay, they hold a Pie Festival every September. There are competitions for the best pies and local bakers make giant pies which are eaten accompanied by live music and much local wine. This would be perfect, but we were there in May.

Fortunately the traditional Corfiot pie can be found all year round in the ancient walled city of Corfu. They are typically sold from tiny shops with only a small window opening on to the street and maybe an old table and chairs in the street to sit on. The chairs are usually occupied by the owner's father and his friend and they are unlikely to move all day. We took our pies to the Old Port Square beneath the fortress for our lunch.

So, how do they rate to the seven C’s? Very well, in my opinion. Corfu pies are about the cheapest hot food you will find in this popular tourist location. They are made with layers of delicious crisp flaky pastry cooked until golden brown and served to you hot. Three types of filling are usually available, Spinach, Cheese, or Ham and Cheese and prices were around two Euro. I went for the Cheese and Ham. My pie was suitably full with pieces of ham and a thick rich cheese sauce. This complemented the crispy pastry for a tasty satisfying lunch that ticked all the boxes.

I have to admit that the clear blue skies, hot weather and beautiful views probably help with my opinion that this pie would score 6.0. Serve it in England on a wet afternoon and it would probably slip to 5.50.
If you are in Corfu it’s not to be missed. One word of warning though, watch out for the hungry sea gulls.

Score: 6.0

Editor: We're glad you enjoyed the pie, and we're very jealous of the sunny weather in Corfu. Perhaps a return visit to Corfu next September might be a good plan for us all?
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Thursday 1 November 2012

Memoirs of a Pie Addict

There is nothing that quite warms the heart,
Like that particular pastry work of art,
It's that special pie geometry,
That adds an extra appeal for me,
A Pierateer must be precise,
You can't make the mistake of getting a slice,
Don't even try because I'll never agree,
To consider ranking a Cornish pasty,

The only problem is that I can't stop,
Eating pie and mash with gravy on top,
I always say 'I'll have some more',
Even when I've eaten three or four,
For a pie addict it's not a bad suggestion,
To have something on hand for indigestion,
I've had so much of sailing the seven C's,
That I'm in danger or cardiovascular disease,

At my growing waist I can only watch,
As I have to open my belt another notch,
I look around and see it in their eyes,
They think 'it was you who ate all the pies!'
Trust me don't jump to volunteer,
To live the life of a Pierateer,
But at the end of the day it's all worthwhile,
As a meal pie is extremely versatile,
So I'll never give up, I find it fulfilling,
To live a life of pastry, gravy and filling

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