Saturday 28 April 2012

A Birds pie in the hand is worth eating on the hill

Steak Pie on Beacon Hill, Leicestershire
I was over in Leicester recently visiting my mate Mark, and had a delightful trip out to an area of outstanding natural beauty. But enough about “Birds the confectioners”(at The Nook in Anstey) which served me a small, but deeply filled, Steak pie on my travels... We went on to another equally beautiful location, namely the Beacon Hill, north of Leicester. It was a lovely place to wander round and catch up with a good mate, and equally a great place to eat a lovely meatilicious pie! The only downside was a lack of heating elements to warm up my pastry beauty on top of the hill. Oh well – can’t have everything I suppose!

Birds in Anstey, north of Leicester

The pie itself was a good size for a small pie. Packed with tender steak chunks, it filled the hole well until dinner time. I’d certainly recommend it. The pastry was golden and the gravy and steak were very pleasing to the taste buds. The rugged terrain and misty surroundings only added to the atmosphere of eating a delightful little pie in such lovely surroundings. And of course, I made sure I didn’t leave any packaging in this AONB (you can be sure there was no pie remainder to be left either...) While it would have been a bit nicer warmed through (unfortunately the shop did not offer such luxuries) and the pastry was slightly firm in places, it was certainly worthy of consumption in such a lovely area of countryside.

Score: 5.3/7

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