Friday 14 December 2012

All I want for Christmas is... meat pie!

On a cold December lunchtime, the Christmas tree and festive decorations welcome locals into the Sacks of Potatoes pub in central Birmingham. But to be honest, for me, all they needed were the “Turkey and Sausage Pie” adverts that seemed to adorn nearly every table in the pub, as part of their festive menu. I was sold. After all, putting the traditional Roast Turkey aside for a minute, what better festivity than to share a Christmas Pie with all the meaty trimmings?!

 And that’s exactly what you got. None of the sprouts and other veg getting in the way of this pie, oh no! Just the Christmas meat, a bit of cranberry sauce and the pastry! The pie was nicely filled with chunks of meat – particularly turkey – with nice poultry friendly gravy, and a crusty pastry. The pastry did provide slight extremes, with the edge of the slice of pie being quite crisp but a slightly soggier pastry centre due to the gravy, but this was still very nice. The main downside to this pie though was an overly thick lining of cranberry sauce just inside the pie crust, which meant that certain mouthfuls of pie were certainly sweetly overpowering. I’d rather the cranberry had been a side option, rather than taking over the tastebuds for mouthfuls of pie, but overall the meatilicious content of the pie won me over.

The Christmas pie revolution seems to be taking off, with pies adorning pub festive menus. And at £5.95 for a pie dinner and drink, it’s decent value too. It’s a great alternative to the standard roast – perhaps a Boxing day treat for those Christmas leftovers? What’s important though here is that they stuck to their guns with the traditional turkey and a focus of meat, meat, meat! Nice one. Merry Christmas everybody!

Turkey and Sausage (with Cranberry) Pie
Score: 5.75/7


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