Friday 20 May 2016

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Parsnip Ship Pie Review to celebrate National Vegetarian Week (16th - 22nd May 2016)

The ParsnipShip specialise in vegetarian and vegan foods, selling their wares at various farmer’s markets and fayres around the country. Pierateer SJL and I happened across their stand at the Gloucester Christmas market.

While many companies make veggie foods as part of their ranges, it always pleases me to find one that specialises. Often their pies have more unique flavours and unusual fillings.

Upon The ParsnipShip stand there were two veggie pies: Indian Balti (which was also vegan) and a mushroom something (I have forgotten precisely… possibly stroganoff)

Both these pies were slightly unusual in that if they were inverted and microwaved that would become a ‘pudding’. Of course, this isn’t the number one pudding rating site, so I kept them right way up and popped them in the oven.

The Indian Balti had a dry and crispy pastry, but intentionally so. It had a beautiful golden colour. I think it may have been flavoured/coloured with turmeric. It complemented the lovely curry flavour which was warm without being too hot. The pastry on the bottom was lovely and soft – I don’t know if this has anything to do with its possible pudding transformation, but it was really nice having a pastry crispy on top and soft at the bottom.

The pie was chock full of content, and the filling was tender with the perfect amount of crunch. The chickpeas inside provided a good portion of protein and I enjoyed the orange vegs. Overall though, it was a little dry.

It wasn’t a large pie, but this suited my appetite nicely. I imagine it would be a great compliment to a curry, or some Indian side dishes.


The mushroom pie had the same pastry, without the turmeric. It was however more buttery, but then, this one wasn’t vegan so it probably actually had butter in it. Inside was a lovely combination of green lentils, mushrooms and tomatoes which was also quite dry, but again, a nice portion of protein. The buttery pastry complimented the tartness of the tomatoes wonderfully.

It was quite a bland flavour but it a good way. It let the mild, nutty flavour of the mushrooms and the buttery pastry speak for themselves without being overpowered.



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