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There's plenty of pun to be had re-naming your favourite films into Pie Movies - films with a pie pun (or two) in the title. So if you see a film and think it should make our Pie Movies list, leave a comment or tweet us @pierateers so we can make the ultimate pie cinema list!

You've got to start with the obvious...

"GoldenPie" - the names Bond, James Bond (suggested by @pierateers)

"The Pie Who Loved Me" - more Bond (suggested by @thepienation)

"Live and Let Pie" - I'm beginning to spot a trend here... (suggested by @thepienation)

"Pie Another Day" - Do they only make Bond movies with potential pie puns in the title?!(suggested by @LoMcNamee)

I'm not sure if anyone can better this one though from Debbie Milligan! I can't even begin to count how many pies I've "lost" (potentially to my stomach) in the last 10 days!!!

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