Saturday 4 February 2012

Honorary Pierateer celebrates the 10,000 page views landmark

While we at keep a close eye on the quality of the reviews that get posted on the blog, and have stringent blogging standards that official Pierateers need to keep, at some point you just have to throw out an honorary pierateer title to people who have shown commitment to the blog beyond the norm. The Senei are a case in point. And this includes even awarding titles to those who have not yet been able to supply an example pie review write up for analysis of their food critic skills and ability to have a bit of pun!

So it is with great pleasure that to mark the landmark 10,000 page views on, I can officially announce that the first Honorary Pierateer is tOBy walteR:

 I don’t think anyone can deny the elation on his face at being bestowed such an honour (which incidentally outranks honorary degrees from both Cambridge and Oxford Universities).

As can be seen in the photo below, the focus on the pie box is learnt at an early age, with the youngest Senei (a big lad, at 6 months old now) certainly being unable to be left sitting around with a box full of pies just “lying around”. And Toby certainly has good taste – going straight for the Mr Kipling Apple Pies (which, incidentally if you haven’t spotted it from the box, are one of the highest ranked pies on this blog at 6.42/7). The way he pounces on the pie with both hands is almost cat like, but shows he truly is well into his solids now, and that there is clearly only one solid that he really wants to get his hands on – the pie!

Many thanks for the hours of patience put in to capture these amazing photos of a pie-craving child in his natural habitat.

I guess the question now is...who will be the next Honorary Pierateer when the blog – due to your fantastic support and regular viewing – hits 25,000 page views?!

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