Friday 3 February 2012

Rugby Pie

Ultimately, without wanting to be biased to one phone company over any other... why wouldn't you want to text the word "PIE" to 2020?!?

It's good to see that pieminister are getting behind the England rugby team with a pie offer you'd struggle to say no to! Let's hope the conversion of text to pies works for many teams of fans. I'd certainly give it a try before they blow the final whistle - although don't be surprised if you have to scrummage your way through a pack of other hungry pie fans in order to get your mitts on that tray of 6 delicious meaty and pastry packed snacks! I think the only trick they've missed is not making the pies more oval in shape (you know, so it's more apt for all the egg chasers out there...)

Anyways, seems like there's some great op-pie-tunities for some decent chants during the 6 Nations now...

"Who ate all the pies?"
"Pies for England"

And the classic...

"I looked over the table and what did I see
Coming for to carry me home
A great big pie I'd cooked for my tea
Coming for to carry me home..."

Who needs the Calcutta Cup when you can get your hands on six pies with this fabulous offer? I bet the England players will be texting in for a half-time feast!

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