Monday 5 March 2012

And the Wine-ner is... Celebrating British Pie Week 2012!

Note: The following pie is no longer being sold by Sainsbury's, so this review has been superseded by the review of the Sainsbury's Deep Fill Chicken and White Wine Puff Pastry Pie in October 2013.

So it comes to that all important first full week in March again, and the week all Pierateers savour the most. For it is, once again, British Pie Week! (5th – 11th March 2012)


And yes guys and girls, before you ask, there is such a site as! So get visiting and be inspired about what pies you can make, buy and most importantly eat! But don’t forget to hit to review your own pie and share the wealth of knowledge with our other pie loving friends. In fact, why not go crazy and make a homemade pie this week?!

 But enough of talking about pie week... let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of pie reviewing! For to celebrate the start of British Pie Week, a few of the Pierateers enjoyed a Sainsbury's Chicken and White Wine puff pastry pie, just to get the party started! And while I can confirm I am not under the influence as I write this article (so no threat of bias here!), the white wine sauce of the Sainsbury’s pie was a delight. It really complemented the puff pastry well, and in conjunction with the light, golden puff pastry it was a real winner with the Pierateers and their friend Rosa. And while the Pierateers couldn’t quite pass their genuine passion for pies onto their friend, they certainly loved their pie and devoured a family-sized pie between them! It certainly was a delightful pie, cooked until lightly golden and in great condition, the capacity was very good and the pieces of chicken very tasty. It hardly felt like you were missing out at the lack of any gravy! For the white wine sauce did the trick, and to the delight of the Pierateers, it was this time within the pastry confines of the pie! (see controversial German pie for comparison)

All in all, it was good value and very tasty. Definitely one to have again. And while a supermarket brand rather than a specific expert pie company, it certainly kicks off an encouraging week of mass pie eating!

Sainsbury's Classic Chicken and White Wine Puff Pastry Pie
Score: 5.8/7

As this pie is no longer being sold in store, and has been replaced by a "deep fill" version reviewed in October 2013, this pie is no longer listed in the Pierate Pie Rankings but you can still find other pies of a similar flavour.

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  1. thanks, this has got me excited about british pie week. Can't wait to get a review in.


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