Sunday 15 July 2012

The Green light’s on for a recommended pie!

So on a Sunday lunchtime, what better plan after the morning City Church service than to enjoy a nice pie with some lovely friends from church*. And so, going to one of our regular post-service haunts, we headed to the Green Man pub in Harborne (part of the Ember Inns chain). And to my delight, the chef’s recommendation was for a very nice sounding pie – which fortunately they still had available on the menu (so no need to get green with envy!) There it was – the Steak, Stout, Baby Onion and Pancetta Pie! It pretty much had my name on it, especially with the meatylicious content and a recommendation from the chef themselves!

 And the good news is that it was certainly worth its recommendation. The steak and ham content blended well together, making me wonder why I had never had this meaty mix before, and the gravy was very nice and complemented the pieces of meat well. I did feel the number of baby onions slightly exceeded the requirements, given that this wasn’t the biggest pie in the world, but it was still very filling. It certainly made the pie quite expensive for its relative size, however the quality of it more than made amends. The light butter pastry was particularly nice and was packed to capacity -you can even see in the photo that the content was trying to ooze out of the lid! All in all, it was a delightful tasting pie which I’m sure to have again sometime soon! And hopefully I'll be there on Monday's Pie Night next time!

Steak, Stout, Baby Onion and Pancetta Pie (Ember Inns - Green Man)
Score: 5.75/7


(*Thanks Andrew, Ben, Emj, Emma, Gemma & Josh – who by the way enjoyed most of his Apple Crumble Pie at the same pub!)

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