Sunday 1 July 2012

Ginsters Pie is the Perfect Tonic

Ginsters - Chicken Pie Review

Welcome to another edition of the pierate blog. My name is Simon Pyeman and I have been asked to conduct a series of investigations into the group of pie bloggers who call themselves 'The Pierateers'. A mysterious bunch they can be difficult to track down. I have today discovered the South London residence of the Pierateer known as SJL. It is a slightly dodgy area to be honest. There were riots here last summer. Rumours abound the riot was caused by a local pie shortage.
Knocking on the door it appears no one is here. Fortunately the glass in the window is quite easy to break and I can put my hand through and open the catch from the inside....
Okay, so now we are inside SJL's flat, there is a smell of last night's pie in the air. There are many posters and pieces of art work on the walls, all of them pictures of pies. He has a pirate costume with the hat shaped like a pie, it is all exactly as I expected.
Now to the kitchen which is surely where you want to visit! The cupboards are as anticipated, plenty of different types of stock and some flour; important for making pies. There is an abundance of gravy, the vital sidekick, like Robin to the Pie's Batman. However, I am surprised to find ready rolled pastry in the fridge. I would have thought SJL would have perfected the art of pastry making. Next I check the recycling for any discarded pie boxes. To my shock, I find not gourmet pies but a Ginsters Chicken pie box. Just as I am mulling over this disappointing find in walks SJL.
“What the flip is going on here??? Have you broken into my flat? Why are you going through my bins? I'm calling the police.”
“Please sir, don't do that, I was merely passing by and noticed this flat had been broken into. As it was open I thought I had best guard it and make sure that no one comes in. It has actually taken quite a bit of time and I was supposed to go and look after a sickly puppy.”
“Oh gosh, I am sorry for being accusational, thank you so much. Damn, I hope my computer hasn't been stolen.”
“No, nothing has been stolen. I suppose you would be worried about the computer given that you have to review so many pies on”
“How.... how do you know that?”
“Oh well I couldn't help notice when looking through your post that your initials are SJL, the same as one of the pierateers. Also I recognise your chin from some of the photos on the blog.”
“Oh... okay, wow, I didn't realise that my chin is so distinctive!”
“Yes.... yes, it is, but now I see it is eclipsed by your nose. Can I ask why you don't make your own pastry? I was going through your fridge because I was feeling faint from hunger after looking after your flat for so long. I then see Tesco's own ready ready rolled puff pastry. Is it too hard to even roll the pastry yourself?”
“I'm so so sorry to have been a disappointment.... I just find it hard to even roll the puff pastry, I always get the temperature wrong and it goes sticky. I am sometimes lazy. I have let myself down I know...”
“That is not the worst, I was going through your bin and found a Ginsters Chicken Pie box. I was expecting something a bit more upmarket from a Pierateer.”
“Hey, that comment is not fair, we need to review all sorts of pies otherwise we might miss out a real bargain. Plus, I was quite impressed by the Ginsters Chicken pie, I would give it about 4.43. It was also on offer at just £2.79 for a family sized pie.”
“Intriguing, tell me more what you liked about this pie.”
“Admittedly the meat seemed quite processed but it wasn't at all chewy. There were ample amounts of a thick, peppery, creamy sauce which was great. The pastry was good and had a bit of crunch. Trust me, I didn't want to like it but I did. The condition wasn't great though, looked nothing like on the box."
“I saw the box said it can also be eaten cold which is unusual for a pie such as this. What are your feelings regarding this?”
“Well you would have to be pretty desperate to eat it cold but could be useful.... wait, why were you going through my bins and post anyway?”
“I am a private detective so naturally I was looking for clues.”
“In the bin? Who are you anyway? Can I get your details in case you need to be a witness or something to the break-in?”
“I'm afraid as a private detective I don't get on well with the police. Also, I must be going, I have medicine that the sickly puppy must receive as soon as possible. However I will leave you this piece of paper with my address on in case you need to contact me. Have a good day.”
“Okay... well thanks for staying... goodbye....”  ............. “HEY, wait, come back this piece of paper just has my address written on it, hey.....” (Simon is nowhere to be seen) “Why did he have my address written down anyway?”

Ginsters chicken pie review

Chicken (Ginsters)


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