Sunday 21 April 2013

Pieminister Pie Review - Deerstalker

pieminister deerstalker pie review
Back at the Pieminister Farringdon...again...

Pieminister Deerstalker Pie Review

In our recent quest to try every Pieminister pie, I yet again returned to Pieminister in Farringdon, London - this time to hunt down the Deerstalker Pie, which is another pie like the Pietanic which is hard to come by. The Deerstalker is a venison, dry cured bacon, red wine and lentil pie - which I believe is relatively new to their range.

Pieminister Pie Review
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pieminister deerstalker pie review
What's in the box?
pieminister deerstalker pie review
It's a Deerstalker pie!
Again, we have the traditional crunchy Pieminister pastry that I think is characteristic of the brand. Once you've broken through the crunch, you are rewarded with some nice tender chunks of venison and a deliciously rich sauce. We've tried a venison (and prune) pie before, which didn't sit too well, so I was apprehensive about trying another venison pie. However, I'm glad that I did because this was very pleasant. It is a bit expensive at £4.20 however - for which you get just a pie in a box with some gravy and a wooden fork. Still, pie was good. I'm starting to think this Pieminister pastry might be a bit dry and hard, and doesn't mix well with the rest of the pie. I like it because it's different, but then the pastry can sometimes feel a bit of a meal in itself. The fact that it doesn't soften into the filling means it becomes a bit of a separate entity and becomes detached from the pie - detracting from the overall "togetherness" and "unity" that a pie should possess. Still, they've pulled off a venison pie very well here I think. Venison is a tricky ingredient, but the rich sauce compliments the tasty venison very well.

Pieminister Deerstalker Pie - Venison, dry cured bacon, red wine and lentil pie
Score: 5.89/7

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