Thursday 6 February 2014

ASDA air gap lets me down

ASDA blackcurrant pie review

asda blackcurrant pie

I bought this blackcurrant pie from my local ASDA for the grand price of 25p. Well, 50p for two pies – and that was reduced from a £1 for the pair. I was very intrigued by this pie – not so much for its blackcurrant flavour, but more for what was lying beneath that bump on the right-hand side.

Here’s a cross-sectional view of the left-hand side of the pie:

asda blackcurrant pie

And here’s the view of the right:

asda blackcurrant pie

What’s going on here?! As you can see, the air:filling ratio on the left-hand side is quite impressive, but on the right the air:filling ratio is appalling! This is very surprising, and such a lopsided pie is not something I think I’ve personally come across before. Look at that enormous gap of air!

The content itself is okay. The blackcurrant filling has quite a jammy texture, which is quite nice but I’d have preferred a few more whole blackcurrants rather than just what was essentially jam. The pastry was a bit pale in colour and also a bit dry, but it held itself together well.

Overall, it was the enormous air gap on one side of this pie that really let it down. Perhaps if I had bought a different pack of these pies then I wouldn’t have been faced with this issue, but I have to rate what is in front of me. I also bought these pies reduced, so I have to rate these pies at the normal price of £1 for two.

ASDA Blackcurrant Pie Review
Score: 2.98/7

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