Saturday 12 February 2011

Just because it says “pie” on the box, does that mean it's pie in the box?

Check out these “Rhubarb and Custard Pies” from Morrisons. This big name supermarkets is all over the Pierate blog, so you'd have thought they'd know their pies from their lies. This is going to be another post about what makes a pie a pie, but I really believe this is worth posting as I think this is possibly the closest item I've found to the blurry line between a pie and a non-pie/slice. It really does push the pastry of what is actually a pie.

Let's have a closer look. Firstly, at a bargain basement price of 49p, these items are an absolute steal regardless of whether they are a pie or not. Secondly, I quite like rhubarb and custard so I hope that if these do indeed turn out not to be pies then the disappointment won't be too much to recover from.

A cross-sectional view clearly shows the sweet contents. If the icing on top wasn't enough of a give-away that these are sweet (not savoury) pies, the sugary character of the contents is absolute proof.

So why are these pies? Well, they have contents which are fully encased by pastry. The lid even sports a lattice structure, which is a conformation that's already fully accepted by the pie community. It even says pie on the box, so they're clearly intended to be pies.
So why aren't these pies? They are flat, and do not have the original architecture of a pie since there is no deep base encased in a foil wrapping. Had it not said pie on the box, it would not cross one's mind that these would be pies. In fact, some might dare to say these are closer to slices than pies.
On balance, I would say that these are pies given the lattice structure and pastry casing. They are very tasty too, albeit probably quite sugary. Great with a mug of tea and a pie blog to read!
Score: 4.1/7 (loses points for being similar to slice)

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  1. Please see future comments, these are in fact NOT pies! Be warned!


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