Thursday 3 February 2011

Cos that’s what friends are for!*

They say a good friend knows what you’re thinking before you even ask. You’re on the same wavelength. Singing from the same hymn sheet, as it were. And that certainly proved true upon my recent visit (I would say invitation, but that hints at some sort of proactive request by my friends, rather than me just deciding to pay them a visit!) to Adam and Faye’s house. For there set before me, without even having to delve into my pie-obsessed web blog and how I eat pies for England, Scotland and Wales (and Northern Ireland, for that matter), was a delightful homemade Chicken, carrot and leak Pie, served with mash potatoes, a few cheeky roast potatoes, sweetcorn and a random Yorkshire pudding (“we have it with everything” – Faye). Bonus!

So with a great big smile on my face and a few hungry children on either side of me to help them eat theirs (yes, I did just about resist the temptation to eat their pies as well as my own!), I set about eating the lovely homemade pie produced for me. I have to let you know at this point that I was warned by 6-year old Isaac that eating the leaks could be dangerous and “turn me into a leak monster” – however I was willing to risk it just this once, as who can turn a good pie down!

I have to say it was a delicious homemade pie and one that I would thoroughly recommend to any who know the family. The pastry was crisp and light, complementing the nice meaty chunks of chicken and soft carrots and leak (N.B. I haven’t turned into a leak monster – yet) – making the content superb. The meat was perfectly cooked to avoid any chewiness and by visiting a friend’s house they very kindly gave me a meal for free (thank you – I’ll pay you back with babysitting Is, Lo and Evie!) The content was very good, spilling out of the crust as can be seen in the photo. And I even ended up having to help the kids finish theirs too (it’s called taking it for the team!).

All in all, a visit to Faye’s homemade pie producing factory – otherwise known as her kitchen – is recommended for one and all! And good to see the kids getting at least 2 of their 5 fruit & veg a day – and one of their Yorkshire puddings a day too!

Score: 5.5/7

*Of course there are other reasons for making friends other than making homemade pies for you... however as I don’t have any other friends then that just happens to be the trend for me... :P

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