Sunday 20 February 2011

Christmas Mince Pies

We've received many comments from our avid readership that Christmas has come and gone without even a mention of mince pies. This is a correct observation, but obviously this was not an oversight and was actually a deliberate omission - we were saving the mince pie review for February 20th, that famous international mince pie day.

The pack offers the standard 6 pies, with a wonderful festive picture on the front. But don't worry, mince pies can be eaten all year round and are not just for Christmas.

The photos on the front give the impression that the pastry is going to crispy and flaky. I was little disappointed at the pastry actually - it seemed like the same pastry used in standard apple pies.

Mince pies are one of those things that I'm not sure whether I actually like them or not. I like the idea of mince pies, especially when they've been in the oven. But I think I may experience a bit of relief when I finish a mince pie - although I have had some homemade mince pies in the past which I have genuinely liked very much. Perhaps that's what's missing with these pies. I think shop bought mince pies are always going to be a little bit disappointing. There's something so special about a homemade mince pie - about how the pastry crumbles away into the miscellaneous tasty contents - and a mince pie that's just like your standard shop bought apple pie doesn't really do it for me. Still, can't complain, I think I enjoyed this pie.

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  1. I totally understand this review, I feel I should like mince pies but there is something strange about them. Happy Mince Pie Day everyone!


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