Thursday 14 June 2012

Arrogance about the aragon? Pieminister Chicken of Aragon pie review

Pieminister Pie Review - Chicken of Aragon
Pieminister chicken of aragon pie review

It can be the difference between a good sportsman and a great sportsman; it can make you look a hero or a fool. But arrogance can also be translated to the pie world, especially when a pie box contains the words “Heavenly pies. If you’re still looking for the perfect pie, Pieminister make some of Britain’s best.”

Pieminister chicken of aragon pie review
So let’s get down to business – how would the ‘chicken of aragon pie’ by Pieminister fare? Could it really be the perfect pie, as they claimed? After all, it does say it’s award winning on the front (though I’m not going to go all Rhod Gilbert on you and write letters to my local Pieminister outlet demanding info on what awards it has won...particularly as you can see the list on their Pieminister website!) So as you can see, the pie was filled with big meaty chunks of chicken, though the pieces of bacon mentioned on the box were tiny and few and far between. The rest of the ingredients did compliment each other reasonably well, however I have to admit to feeling slightly underwhelmed by the chicken sauce present in my pie. Certainly nothing to write home about and I’ve had plenty of better chicken pie sauces in my time. The pastry was very crisp and the condition of the pie was pretty good, especially considering the state of the box the pie came in! Capacity was good and the pastry was a golden brown. All in all, a decent pie, just nothing to get too arrogant about just yet!

Pieminister Chicken of Aragon Pie
Score: 5.5/7

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