Monday 18 June 2012

(Peppa) Piggy in the Park

Peppa Pig and Evie
Before I start, let me just clarify that no Peppa Pigs were harmed in the making of this pie. And also that Peppa Pig didn’t eat all the pies, as I fortunately got my hands on one before we met her.
So with the disclaimers over, what about the pie itself?! Well it’s time for a Bramley Apple overload, as those pie makers at ASDA have picked up the Bramley bug and made some delicious tea time treats! And what better treat than to crack out a six-pack in the park with your mates? So with hand model Ad kindly showing off the colourful green box, it’s time to be a little piggy and wallow in the apple-y goodness...

Firstly, while there were definite small air pockets in the pie I had, it was pretty well packed and the pies were in good condition. The ASDA Bramley Apple pieces and apple filling were very nice and supported the pastry nicely. The short crust pastry was crisp and held the apple contents well too. While it’s not the deluxe version of the apple pie, it’s certainly no cheap smartprice version either and is a very good tasting pie. Well worth carrying a six pack in your picnic hamper (especially if you might bump into a little piggy in the park!*)

Asda Bramley Apple Pies
Score: 5.4/7


(*I’m not talking about myself in the third person there, by the way!)


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  2. What does the title mean, I googled it but it just sent me back to this review...


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