Monday 17 March 2014

Out of the desert and onto my plate: Camel Pie

Nice Pie Camel Pie Review

My preconceptions about camel were that it was going to be quite a tough meat. Not that I'd ever tried it, of course, but one just assumes these things. An animal of the desert must be tough as nails, right? Indeed, the random man sat next to me earlier in the day commented how he thought my camel pie was going to be chewy. "I've had camel before," he announced. "It was difficult to cook, and ended up tough."

But I had faith in that lot at Nice Pie. They certainly hadn't let us down with previous pies. We've tried zebra pie, squirrel pie, wild boar pork pie, bison pie, crocodile pie, steak pie and chicken pie, and they were all delicious. So Nice Pie were bound to come up with something super special.

Camel pie

Coming out of the oven, you can see the pie has taken on a lovely golden brown colour. I am also a big fan of the camel stencil on the pastry, and love how there's no scrimping with the crimping round the edge - this pie is in great condition.

Opening up the pie, the pastry is nearly packed to capacity - although you can see a definite air gap there.

Camel pie

The pie is scoring well so far, but as I work my way through rating the Seven Cs it's obvious that the most important C in this case is chewiness. Will the camel meat be tough? Do Nice Pie need to go back(trian) to the drawing board?

Here's the moment of truth. I put a good chunk of the camel meat in my mouth's delicious and tender, and not at all chewy. Great! I gather the secret is that Nice Pie slow cook the meat, making it nice and tender. It's mixed in with some carrot and gravy, making for a very tasty content.

All in all, I certainly haven't got the hump over this camel pie - far from it! From now on I'll be a big advocate of camel meat, which is a prized meat across the Middle East. At £5.50 for a large pie that contains an exotic meat that's considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, this pie is priced very attractively.

Nice Pie Camel Pie
Score: 5.68/7

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