Monday 6 May 2013

Heritage pie can’t keep up in the 48 hour charity challenge!

Steak Pie Review at Westside Heritage Fish and Chip Shop

The challenge was simple: Find a pie shop in Rowley Regis, so that I could eat a pie while watching what will hopefully be confirmed by Guinness World Records as the longest five-a-side football match in the world! The difficulty: Would the pie live up to the expectations set of eating pie while watching such an epic, 48 hour football marathon?!

Well, we all know eating a handmade pie from a local fish and chip shop can be a risk. Let's face it - there's a reason why Pukka Pies say "don't compromise!" Well the pie eaten from Heritage fish bar (the only fish and chip shop selling pie that I could find near Rowley Regis train station) certainly compromised everything good about a pie.

Let me start with the filling. The pie I think I ordered was a steak and kidney. I say "I think" because I can't actually be 100% that was what I was eating. It tasted reasonably steak like, but I found the meat to be so chewy and gristly and the filling quite spicy that I could not really tell.

Then there was the pastry. It didn't help that the pastry was already damaged before they then took it and re-heated it in a microwave. But that microwaving did it no favours whatsoever. I found it to be soft, greasy, and prone to falling apart. In my view it tasted undercooked and I found it hard to enjoy it.

The only positives were that the gravy was alright for dunking chips into and it was a fully encased pie. Certainly not one I'll be buying again, as I struggled to finish this one, but at least I can say I ate pie while watching my mate @bowlands raise money for charity as part of the longest 5-a-side football match in the world! Click here to read more about their 48 hour football match to raise funds for the work of 'Youth for Christ' or donate here.

Westside Heritage Steak Pie
Score: 1.25/7


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