Wednesday 8 May 2013

Satis-fied By A Bit of Rabbit Baked With Bacon?

Rabbit & Bacon Pie Review at Satis House, Yoxford

Surely one of the most gourmet pies I have ever eaten this pie at Satis House in Yoxford, Suffolk was a delight to find on the menu. Normally you scan straight to the main course expecting to find at best a beef or chicken pie on the menu but Satis House have to decided that a pie is for life and not just for main course by putting a Rabbit and Bacon pie on the starter menu. At £8.50 for a quite small pie this probably scores the worst for Cheapness for any pie I have ever eaten. However, let’s not forget that I was paying a premium to eat what can only be described as the posh setting of a lovely countryside hotel restaurant. The pie was a beautiful Colour and came in a most Satis-fyingly well presented Condition. There were some fine pieces of carrot drapped over the pie as if the rabbit were still alive and attempting to gnaw on them. It also came with some meaty jelly of the kind that you might expect to find in the pie. It looked like a pork pie but in fact the Chewiness of the pastry was much less than a pork pie. It was actually quite nice and light pastry although a touch drier than I would have chosen. The Capacity was pretty good for a small pie, as it had a good height to it. It was packed with meaty Content which was pieces of rabbit and bacon ground up and stuck together. There wasn’t really any gravy as such although there was a little bit of moisture which caused it all to hold together. The meat had a good Consistency and flavour which was certainly well above average for a pig based pie however I didn’t feel that I could really taste any rabbit. The bacon was too salty and strong flavoured so I couldn’t really isolate the flavour of the rabbit in so small a morsel.

Overall though, a good effort from Satis House and it would score quite highly if it wasn’t so expensive. I was certainly left Satis-fied by their attempts to add something a bit different to the menu, I would be delighted to see more establishments offering some pie goodness on their starter menus too. However, the lack of pie in the more traditional main course and dessert menus meant that the three course pie meal is still just a dream. Hopefully not for too long! See where this pie featured on our list of the best pies in Suffolk.

Rabbit & Bacon (Satis House - Suffolk, IP17 3EX)


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