Tuesday 12 November 2013

International Pierate Day 2013

Pie Review website www.pierate.co.uk celebrate their 4th Birthday!

Today is a day to celebrate and a day to just... well... rate! For today www.pierate.co.uk is four years old and what better way to celebrate than to eat a pie and rate it!

But we don’t want you – pie lovers worldwide – to just sit at home and watch as we eat all the pies! Oh no! Pie eating and pie rating is something we can all enjoy. Something that can bring friends, family and communities together. Pies are celebrated and eaten is so many countries worldwide and today – on our fourth birthday – we would love you to join us in eating and rating pies with us! That’s why we’ve designated 12th November as International Pierate Day!

So here’s the deal... in six simple words: Eat a pie and rate it!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s savoury or sweet, or whether you prefer your pies without the wheat or meat! We really do rate anything and everything that is a true pie and sometimes a number of interesting things that try to be pies to! But the important thing is we love to eat pie and rate it – for we are, after all, the Pierateers!

So once you’ve found a pie to eat – whether in the local bakery, supermarket or your favourite pie shop or one you have made in the luxury of your own home – why not rate your pie using our seven Cs (or if you wish, make up your own rating system!)

Our seven Cs (that we sail as Pierateers) are:

1. Colour
2. Consistency
3. Capacity
4. Chewiness
5. Cheapness
6. Content
7. Condition

You can also click here to read more detail about the Seven Cs, for those who want to take their pie rating a bit more seriously! Of course, you may find you rate a pie that needs to walk the plank, but we really hope you’ll find one that makes you squawk like a parrot to tell everyone about the amazing pie you’ve had! Either way, we hope you have fun eating and rating pie, wherever in the world you are!

And just to ins-pie-re you a little more, here are the places in the world where we’ve eaten pies, which make rating pies a truly international o-pie-tunity:

Pie Review Map

Top score per country of the pies we've rated from around the World!

RankPie ProducerPie FlavourScoreBy
UKSteak and Guinness
New ZealandChicken and Vegetable
Hong KongOstrich
FranceDuck and Fig
AustraliaSpicy Tuna
Note: This table simply shows the highest rated pie we have eaten and reviewed in each country, therefore countries we have not yet visited cannot be listed yet! It does not provide a representative sample of the full range and quality of pies in each country but we hope one day to add to this list!

And there’s another reason why we’ve designated today International Pierate Day: It’s because pies are loved all over the world, as our readership map below shows, with the top 10 countries so far by pageviews being the UK, United States, China, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Canada and Netherlands. Thanks to every single one of our pie fans out there and we hope you enjoy our many future adventures, as we set sail on the Pierate Ship to discover more exciting pies and to rate them according to the seven Cs!

Pie Map
Top 10 Counties per pageviews on www.pierate.co.uk by 12.11.13

And if you’re excited about pie rating, some things we have lined up for the next few months include Pierateer SJL judging at the Scotch Pie Club Awards, trying out pie flavoured dog treats from @TopCollar, possibly being referenced in a local community pantomime production of Captain Hook’s Revenge via @Woodies12 (oh yes we are!) and the release of our Christmas Pies video in mid-December entitled “12 Pies of Christmas”. Of course, you’ll find all the latest pie news on twitter @pierateers and on our blog at www.pierate.co.uk!

Whatever you do, we hope you have a great day eating and rating pies!

Yours in pie,

The Pierateers

We recently celebrated our 250th Pie Review! Check out our celebratory video:

For a full list of every pie we've reviewed see the Pierate Pie Rankings or check out Pies: Categorised to find pies sorted by flavour or brand.

Make sure you 
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