Saturday 8 March 2014

British Pie Week 2014 - Day Six

British Pie Week is a celebration of British Pies, which we on the Pierate Ship absolutely love! In our quest to eat and rate as many pies as we can get our hands on, we’re making a Pieary (Pie Diary) of all the pies we eat this British Pie Week. Some of these are included as part of our #PiePledge commitments, promoting and encouraging pie consumption.

The Pierateers celebrated their first article receiving 1,500 pageviews today! Their article "Best Pie in London" was the number one viewed article in 2013 and is still getting plenty of views.

Pierateer RAS

With Pierateer RAS once again helping at the Badminton at the NIA (see the Chicken and Leek pie reviewed earlier in the week), he was quieter on the pie front. However he had his pie of the day (and 21st of British Pie Week) in the form of a Morrisons Apple Pie, covered in custard!

Morrisons Apple Pie Review
Morrisons Apple Pies

Pierateer SJL

Pierateer TJP

- Coming soon!

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