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There's plenty of pun to be had re-naming your favourite songs into Pie Tunes - songs with a pie pun (or two) in the title. So if you hear a song and think it should make our Pie Tunes list, leave a comment or tweet us @pierateers so we can make the ultimate pie-lay list!

We also have gone one further than just renaming a song by actually re-writing a whole song! Click here to read our take on Will.i.am and Britney S-pie-rs classic "Scream and Shout" featuring - yes, you guessed it - plenty of pie references!

"No woman no pie" - by Bob Marley (suggested by @WildersHMail)

"It's my party and I'll pie if I want to" - by Lesley Gore (suggested by @WildersHMail)

"Pie-M-C-A" - by Village People (suggested by @BritishPies)

"I've got 99 problems but this pastry ain't one" - by Jay-Z (suggested by @NikSpeller)

"Pie your eyes mate" - by The Streets (suggested by @essential_lucy)

"I'm a pie-er starter twisted pie-er starter" - by The Prodigy (suggested by @essential_lucy)

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