Friday 13 November 2009

Snooker Championships get Pukka deal!

Here are the Pierate Ship we are thrilled that one of our followers has already drawn our attention to a pie-related news story. With your continued lookout we can be sure that no thrilling pie news goes under our radar (or out of view of our telescope up in the Crows Nest).

Yes, this is the news that one of Britain's favourite pie manufacturers, Pukka Pies, will be sponsoring the 2009 UK Snooker Championships which takes place in December. We're slightly baffled by the link between pies and snooker, though we can be sure that with such a large television exposure there will be a huge "cue" at the chip shops!

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  1. Its worth noting that Ding Junhui who won the tournament was awarded his body weight in meat pies as a prize. This amounted to 276 to match his 69 kg body weight. He later announced that he would donate all the pies to Homeless and Rootless at Christmas (HARC), a Sheffield-based charity.


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