Wednesday 9 March 2011

British Pie Week: "Gotta pick a pukka or two..."

Yes guys, you read that right! 7th-13th March is British Pie Week! So let's hope you're all stuffing your faces with every pie you come into contact with! Check out this great website for all things pie!

The only thing it lacks is a few random pierateers to go round the country and blog on the pies they've eaten... oh, wait! That's us! :)

So the BIG question you may be asking is "if it's British Pie Week, then why aren't there loads of pie reviews going up this week!?!! Well, simples! It's cos we're too busy going out and eating pies for Britain! But don't fear, reviews will be coming up soon!

Enjoy your pies especially much this week! :)

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