Wednesday 30 March 2011

Put a Lid on it.

This is not just a pie... this is an M and S pie.... which roughly translates to "not a pie at all". So excited was I to purchase and subsequently eat this pie, I did not glance at the words on the front of the box "Flaky puff pastry topcrust pie..." I just saw PIE. In the oven it went, but upon looking at the cooking instructions, I was appalled to see "remove pastry lid and stir before serving." Just what sort of pie was this?

Fooled was I by the golden, crispy pastry on the top, and the melt-in-the-mouth steak chunks in oodles of thick, luscious gravy, just writing this review is making me salivate. This 'pie' had quite a good capacity (but that may only be because of the lack of pastry sides!) In terms of cost, one expects at M&S to pay that little bit extra for the finest quality, and this pierater wasn't disappointed by the quality of this pie. The content was only disappointing in its lack of pastry!

4/7 (would have received 6/7 if for not the lack of pastry sides)

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