Monday 21 March 2011

Make no Mistake, I Ate the Great Ultimate Steak Pie

ASDA Bistro Ultimate Steak Pie Review

Note: The score for this pie has been updated because another version of the same pie performed very badly. See the new review 'I Made a Mistake, I Ate the Great Ultimate Steak Pie'. The average score is now 4.23/7.

After seeing this badboy "Ultimate Steak Pie" advertised on the television, I felt it was my duty to take a detour on my way home. It was by no means my local supermarket, but I just had to visit ASDA to get my hands on what could potentially be the biggest overstatement of the year. How could a pie be the "ultimate" pie? Could it really be that good that all other manufacturers would raise their hands and say "No, you've got us there, we can't better that so were packing up and pawning all our assets"? I simply had to find out.

Taking this pie out of the box, it has a special feel already. If feels solid, weighty, dense. If the eating doesn't go so well I could use this as a paperweight or doorstop. I love the appearance, and how it's sprinkled with black pepper. This is high quality at its most obvious.

Pie in oven. Such a beautiful sight for any Pierateer, especially when it's an Ultimate Steak Pie!

Cracking open the pie, the quality chunks of steak are immediately apparent. There's a great steak:gravy ratio, and the content is a decent proportion of the intra-pastry cavity. It is a taste sensation - everything about this pie is fantastically excellent. The pastry is perfectly crunchy, and the meat melts in the mouth like it should do. Good job ASDA!!

ASDA Bistro Ultimate Steak Pie
Score: 6.49/7

Note: This pie has now been ranked as 4.23/7 due to a second rating of this pie that was extremely disappointing - see the video to see how bad this second rating of this pie was. I Made a Mistake, I Ate the Great Ultimate Steak Pie

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