Friday 9 January 2015

Pieday Friday - Scotch Pies Awards and Pie Vending Machines - 9th January 2015

It's Friday! It's Pieday!

After taking a week off due to the posting of our "2014 Pie-lights of the Year" article last week, Pieday Friday is back!

15th World Scotch Pie champion awarded next week!

Scotch Pies Review
Scotch Pies!
We are just days away from finding out who is awarded the 15th World Scotch Pie champion. The award will happen on Wednesday 14th January and will be presented by none other than Bay City Rollers front man and pie fanatic Les McKeown.

Of course you will remember that last year's award was won by The Kandy Bar in Saltcoats and you can read about their success and our review of the 2014 Scotch Pie Club Awards that we judged at last year.

Missing Football Pie?

It's a pie-tential nightmare situation: You've just bought a pie at your local football club and then - in the mad euphoria of celebrating your team scoring - the pie vanishes! Where did it go?! What did you do with it?! You certainly wouldn't be singing any more! Well find out what happened when this Hearts fan did exactly that at a match recently thanks to Row Zed...

Of course we're not shy to eating a pie or two at a football match! Check out our Football Pie League for the half-time pies we've rated and find out more about our interview with BBC Sport a few months back regarding the perfect football pie!

Pie Tweet of the Week!

A pie vending machine? Why has no-one ever thought of this before?! We're not quite convinced microwaving pies is the best way to get a top rated pie, but for sheer convenience and speed of pie purchasing, it's got to be up there! Good thinking Pukka! See all our Pukka Pies reviews here.

Pierate's Pie-lights of the Year

We still can't quite believe how many highlights there were to our year in 2014. It's certainly going to be hard to replicate it again, but we will pie our best! Find out more about our pie-tastic 2014 here and check out our top 6 pielights:

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - British Pie Week and all 55 pies consumed by the Pierateers in it! So many highlights, we had to do a whole day-by-day account of it, including a Python pie, a day of just eating apple pie and Pierateer SJL eating 21 pies - one for every meal of British Pie Week.

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - Pierateer SJL proving that you can eat pie and lose weight!!! Yes, we can hardly believe it either!

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - Pierateer TJP judging at the British Pie Awards 2014, where Pierateer RAS was media correspondent!

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - Our first ever TV appearance came on the Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice programme, featuring Michel Roux Jnr rating the Pierateer's Crocodile Pie!

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - Featuring on the BBC Sport Website in a video on the "Pies of Football" for the Price of Football Study 2014, including travelling up to Morecambe FC to rate their latest Pork and Irn Bru pie!

TOP 6 HIGHLIGHT - Our first ever Birthday Pie-rty to celebrate Pierate being 5 years old!

If you have a story you think would be good to feature in next week's Pieday Friday, send us an email at or contact us on Twitter @pierateers 

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