Friday 21 March 2014

55 Pies for British Pie Week

A Pierateer summary of British Pie Week

So British Pie Week 2014 has come and gone and the Pierateers have eaten… 55 pies!!!

Here are the pies in all their glory along with some pie charts to show off all the pies eaten!

Monday: 10 pies (RAS: 4, SJL: 3, TJP: 1)
Plenty of Pork pie on Day One as Pierateer TJP ate just pork pie for the day (three huge pork/boar pies) - not forgetting TJP also had 10 samples of pork pies at the Princess Victoria Pork Pie Off (not counted in our total of 55 due to just being samples). Pierateers RAS, SJL and TJP all completed Pie-thagoras Theorem of having pie for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Crocodile pie was also snapped up on the first day of British Pie Week!

Tuesday: 15 pies (RAS: 11, SJL: 3, TJP: 1)
The sweet pie quickly took over from pork pies as Pierateer RAS ate 11 apple pies as part of his #onlysweetpiesallowed challenge, heavily biasing the Tuesday towards apple pies and providing a big boost to the pie count.

Wednesday: 7 pies (RAS: 2, SJL: 3, TJP: 2)
Wednesday was the day that the meat really got exotic! Not only did we consume a bison pie and camel pie from Nice Pie, but Pierateer TJP made and ate a slither of Python pie! Unfortunately it didn't turn out to be the delicacy he hoped, but you can find out how to not make a Python pie here.

Thursday: 6 pies (RAS: 2, SJL 3, TJP: 1)
Thursday saw the first vegetarian pie of the week consumed (excluding fruit pies) with a steady number of steak pies being eaten.

Friday: 6 pies (RAS: 1, SJL: 3, TJP: 1, ARL: 1)
For Friday, Tim went a bit crazy with the pastry again, following up his python pie with a slightly more traditional but still quirky ice cream pie! It was also great to see our Pierateer Abroad - ARL - find and consume a Tuna pie in Spain. Our first Spanish pie! Pierateer SJL ate out at the Farmers Boy Inn.

Saturday: 5 pies (RAS: 1, SJL: 3, TJP: 1)
The quietest day on the pie front and you can tell the arteries were slightly clogging up with pie by this point! More steak and beef pies got us through the day, including a Tom’s Pie out in Bristol.

Sunday: 6 pies (RAS: 1, SJL: 3, TJP: 1, ALE: 1)
Added to the excitement of reaching 1,000 followers on Twitter, Sunday saw the Pierateers consume their final pies of British Pie Week and our Gluten Free Pierateer ALE get involved with a homemade Sausage pie for her and Pierateer SJL! We also dissected a Linda McCartney soya protein pie.

And that still doesn't include the Ship's Cook making a Scotch Pie too!

It's been a great adventure once again and so many pie-lights in the week! You can catch up on all of the #Pie4EveryMeal videos from Pierateer SJL's #PiePledge and see many more pie reviews via our daily diary and we can't wait to get our teeth into more pies this year!

And as a final salute to British Pie Week 2014, here's a video made by @chris_is_a_chef showing that making pies is as easy as... well... pie! (Or more accurately, making a top pie is a fine art!)

Remember, a pie is for life, not just for British Pie Week!

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