Wednesday 15 October 2014

Pork, Irn-Bru & Chili Pie Review

Morecambe Football Club - Pork, Irn Bru & Chili Pie Review

A second visit to Morecambe FC's Globe Arena gave us the chance to review their new pie flavour! The Irn-Bru pie was very much the same in size, shape and cost to the other table-topping pies at Morecambe so it received similar scores for some criteria as in our last review. Overall it is the fantastic value that stands out with Morecambe pies. Other football clubs take advantage of the 'captive audience' and charge a higher price for pies which could be bought more cheaply elsewhere. The pies at Morecambe FC would be great value anywhere, were they sold in a football ground or on the high street.

Pork Irn-Bru Chili Pie

Condition – 6.63 out of 7 – As it was previously, the appearance was simple but effective. I can verify that it is hand-made having seen the magic happening in the kitchen.

Colour – 6.00 out of 7 – Similar to last time, but this pie also had some added flecks of red from the chili. It seemed that the chili was embedded in the pastry.

Cheapness – 6.75 out of 7 – The prices at Morecambe are unbelievable considering the pies are handmade. 

Capacity – 4.75 out of 7 – Quite tall, this pie had a decent capacity. It scored less than the previous ones however as there was a bit of an airgap. I saw this in a couple of the Irn-Bru pies which was strange as I have not had the same problem with the other Morecambe pies. Because of the strong flavours this air gap was not a problem.<

Chewiness – 4.90 out of 7 – As for previous Morecambe pies the meat was not at all chewy. There was a bit of a difference in texture to the pie as a whole though. For some reason this pie seemed to fall apart whilst being eaten. I would speculate that the pastry is slightly different. It did seem to have chili within the pastry itself. Despite the pie falling apart, there was a good mouthfeel when consuming the pie.

Content – 4.90 out of 7 – I knew this was going to be an unusual flavour of pie but I was blown away by the impact it made on my senses. The smell emanating from this pie is incredible! The first thing that hits you is the smell of the Irn-Bru. The smell is not subtle and is indistinguishable from the popular fizzy drink. Then when you take a bite the Irn-Bru takes a back seat, it is all about the sweet pork taste which blends in well to the Irn-Bru. Mixed with the sweet taste of the pork is the bready taste of the pastry. After the initial flavours comes the kick of the chili. The first couple of bites, I found this quite strange and wasn't sure if I really liked it. But as you get stuck in the smells and tastes start to blend together and I became convinced that the balance of flavours did actually work. It was however quite intense.

Consistency – 5.20 out of 7 – Despite taking a bit of a risk Graham, the head chef at Morecambe, has shown he can still consistently produce fantastic pies. Sometimes unusual fillings taste great but don't seem to work in a pie, that wasn't the case here. I ate this after having already eaten one of his chicken and ham pies. This meant I wasn't at all hungry, but I still liked it which is always a good sign. It did reinforce to me though that I preferred the Chicken & Ham (and some of the other flavours now I think of it....). Nine times out of ten I think I would still choose the Chicken and Ham but is great to have an option on the substitutes bench which offers something different to the regular line-up.

Pork Irn-Bru Chili Pie

This pie has no effect on our Football Pie League as Morecambe are already top of the league!

Pork, Irn-Bru & Chili (Morecambe FC)


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