Saturday 16 October 2010

A Royally Good Pie

Kings Farm Shop - Steak Pie Review

Please note that we re-reviewed this pie in September 2016, almost 6 years after the initial review, in order to check consistency with other pies we'd rated in that interim 6 year period. This pie therefore now scores slightly less on the 7 Cs but is still a fantastic and Pierate Highly Recommended pie!!!

I'm very happy today to be reviewing one of my all time favourite pies. There are other pies that capture my attention for a time but when I know I need a really good pie this is who I turn to.

kings farm shopBased in rural Buckinghamshire near Wendover, Kings Farm Shop have held the crown of local food champions and regal pie makers for over 25 years. They have a selection of pies fit for a... erm, well a King i guess... have a look at the range of mouth watering family sized pies below.

I have decided to review the all steak pie as its my favourite. To be honest while I love to try other pie flavours if I was stuck on a desert island with only one flavour for the rest of my life it would be steak. It would probably be a King's Farm pie too.

Coming in at just under £5 sterling my wallet loses some of the weight I am bound to put on after consuming this pie. It may feel like kings farm shop piepaying a King's Ransom but once you've got the pie on your plate you can tell you are getting quality. Its appearance is nothing short of beautiful with a perfect golden colour. It has an immaculate, if not entirely consistent, condition which is emblematic of the hand made nature of the pie. Upon cutting the pie the thick gravy immediately oozes out like its just been waiting for this moment, almost ready to burst. The content of the pie certainly fills the whole capacity. The huge chunks of meat are always the tenderest cuts and not at all chewy. There is something incredibly meaty about this pie that makes me wonder how anyone could bear to be a vegetarian. Maybe they have just never tried this pie. The pastry somehow manages to be crispy and yet slips down a treat and doesn't feel heavy at all.

kings farm shop pieThis brings me to the only downside about eating this pie, it is pretty hard to stop eating it! If you don't want to end up the size of King Henry VIII then don't buy too many of them. On this particular occassion I started off eating a third of this family size pie with potato and veg. Not unreasonable you might say, but then I went back and ate another half. After this I had indigestion for two days!! I didn't even know that was possible. So there we go, it might be a personal experience but thats my excuse for not giving it a perfect 7. Will I have more of these pies after this experience? Of course I will, its my duty... For King and Country.

All Steak (Kings Farm Shop)


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