Tuesday 6 April 2010

Peter's Premier Pies: Premier League or Blue Square Premier?

Peter's Premier Pie Steak and Fuller's Ale Pie Review

Peters premier pieWhen something calls itself 'premier' or 'luxury' the initial instinct is often to be suspicious. I often refer to myself as the modern Albert Einstein but no matter how many times I say it, it doesn't become true, unfortunately.

Most of us in the UK are familiar with Peter's, one of the biggest selling pie brands who recently celebrated 40 years of pie making. This latest 'Premier' offering does look a bit more tasty than their standard pies, with a bigger size and of course bigger capacity. It is Steak and Fuller's Ale flavour which is fortunate as the Fuller's beer they have chosen is London Pride, one of my favourites.

GPeters premier pieetting it out of it's very appealing case I took advantage of the quick microwave option. Have a look at the piecture, there is a good amount of content, it is in prime condition and has a lovely colour, so my initial impressions were very good. But we all know the proof of the pie is in the eating!

Just as I was about to eat it, it kind of collapsed. I put this down to the microwave option which unfortunately can make pastry a bit soggy and is not recommended for getting the best out of your pie. BUT we all know that a 99% perfect pie in 1m30secs is very tempting compared to the 100% in 25 minutes time! However I feel for this pie the pastry was very much in the Pukka pies style of a bit stodgy and soggy and it can't all be blamed on the microwave.

The gravy was delicious with a piefect amount of ale. It made me want to head down the pub, but alas there is little time for the pierateers to do such things when there is a whole world of pies waiting for them.

The main let down for this pie was the consistency or lack thereof. About half the pieces of meat were verging on what I would expect from a top of the range pie, but the other half were overly chewy. This is what I feel prevents it from claiming a spot in the Premier League. However, on balance it is good value on the cheapness front and I was a fan of this pie. It would probably make it into the Championship and with the pie market becoming ever more competitive it could prove to be an excellent new signing by Peter's.

Peter's Premier Pies Steak and Fuller's Ale Pie
Score: 5.2/7

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  1. Just to let everyone know I noticed that this pie can also be eaten cold which could come in handy.


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