Saturday 29 September 2012

Not Everyday Pies from Tesco

Tesco Pie Review - Everyday Value Beef and Onion

I had mixed feelings when I learnt of the demise of the Tesco Value brand. Of course it was low quality but I could remember those days at university when they helped me save a fair few pennies. I learnt to never buy the tooth breaking muesli unless I wanted to eat a mixture of stones and sawdust but there were some products I was willing to buy. At least you knew what to expect and the brand became fairly iconic with other supermarkets bringing out similar brands after the introduction of Tesco Value in 1993. There were even Tesco Value birthday cards for when it really is the thought that counts.

So, Tesco Value has been replaced with Tesco Everyday Value, a new much more appealing branding. Tesco also promise that they have improved many of the 550 products in the range. For example, the apple sauce is now to contain 33% more apple! To give our pie reviews some balance I thought this would be a good time to see how the cheapest pies stacked up against their much more pricey rivals. After all they would undoubtably score highly on cheapness.

Tesco Everyday Value Beef and Onion Pie
Tesco Everyday Value Beef and Onion Pie

Tesco Everyday Value Beef and Onion Pie
Inside the Tesco Everyday Value Beef and Onion Pie

I opted for a pack of three Beef and Onion pies for £1 which makes these some of the cheapest pies I have ever eaten. As you can see from the picture, they didn't look too bad, the condition was good. As soon as my knife cut the pie open however I thought these might be some trick 'air' pies like the pound shop versions we reviewed before. The filling wasn't immediately apparent, there wasn't a lot, as would be expected from these cheap pies. Taking a bite, I can safely say this wasn't the worst pie I'd ever tasted. In fact it didn't actually taste bad. The pastry was okay, it had a satisfying crunch to it. The meat in the filling was ground up so finely you couldn't actually tell that it was snouts and entrails and there was no need to chew. I saw a couple of tiny pieces of onion floating around too. Certainly this pie was below average but it was not quite as bad as I was expecting.

Tesco Everyday Value Beef and Onion Pie
Score: 2.45/7

P.S. This is our first ever post in September, strange how these things go isn't it?

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