There are some brilliant (and brilliantly awful!) pie phrases, jokes and pie puns out there. So we thought why not pie-oneer the world's first (and probably only) pie-related Dictionary - the Pierate Dictionary!

We'll be adding more over the coming days and weeks, so why not make it a pie-ority to check back every now and then? And whether it makes you laugh or makes you groan, if you have a suggestion then why not add it as a comment below or tweet us @Pierateers and we will add the best ones to the official Pierate Dictionary! The main rule is - it has to relate to pies!

We've also got a Pie Tunes list - featuring pun-derful pie renames of your favourite tunes!

We've also got a Pie Movies list - featuring pun-derful pie renames of your favourite films!

The Pierate Dictionary

Definition of a true PIE:
Filling fully encased in pastry with clearly defined base, sides and lid.
It is true that the Pierateers do sometimes review pastry products that follow the general true pie definition above but perhaps have no pastry lid (replaced by an alternative lid or "lid") or have a pastry lid but a pie dish, foil dish or no dish, but these are penalised in the 7 Cs pie rating system for not complying with the true pie definition above.

#ohmyapplepie or #ohmycherrypie - A phrase used to describe amazement, surprise, shock or excitement at some pie related news e.g. being told a new pie has been released, you reply with "oh my apple pie!"

The first known use of "oh my apple pie!" and the #ohmyapplepie on the Mother Mash twitter

Pie-oneer - Someome who does a pie-related task for the first time e.g. the shop were pie-oneering new pie flavours

Pie-ority - Making pies or a pie-related task the most important thing in that situation e.g. the range of pies on their menu showed it was the pie-ority

Pie-athlon - A running event that includes pies as part of the "drink and food" stalls on the route e.g. the Great Yorkshire Pie-athlon (Yes, this does genuinely exist! Check out their Pie-athlon website!)

Pierate Masher
Pierate Masher!
Mashtastic - A term of endearment for the fantastic addition of some delicious mash potato to go with your pie e.g. that pie and mash was mashtastic! (Supplied by @MotherMash)

Friday Pieday - The official name for Friday, the last day of the traditional working week - and what better way to spend it than eating pie?! e.g. "I'm having a pie for Friday Pieday!"

Pie-ocalypse - The end is nigh! Or should I say, the end is pie! Pie time in the end times! e.g. the four piemen of the Pieocalypse

Pie-lemma - When a difficult decision involving pie has to be made e.g. I recently had the pie-lemma of which of the two pies to eat - so I ate them both! (This is the outcome that Pierateers regularly find themself making.)

Pie-perback - When a Pierate Pie Dictionary is printed on paper e.g. the Pierate Pie Dictionary became a number one best selling Pie-perback (provided by @richardmarbrow)

Pie-mission - When agreement is made on a pie related decision for a certain task to be completed e.g. pie-mission was granted for this entry into the Pierate Pie Dictionary (provided by @richardmarbrow)

Pie-ping hot - The temperature by which a pie should be served e.g. my pie was served pie-ping hot (provided by @richardmarbrow)

Com-pie-tition - When there is pie involvement in a contest e.g. It was the best item in the compietition (provided by @richardmarbrow)

Pie-sect - The art of cutting up a pie e.g. We had to carefully piesect it into three pieces, one for each Pierateer (provided by @jumbuckspies)

Pie-ple - Citizens of the world who love pie e.g. It was the pieple's favourite flavour (provided by @richardmarbrow)

Pie-thagoras Theorem - That "Pie for breakfast + lunch + dinner = a happy Pierateer" (surely something Pythagoras himself would have encouraged!) e.g. We followed the Pie-thagoras Theorem and had pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner (Supplied by @MotherMash)

Sur-pies! - A positive or negative exclamation at the shock of a particularly good or bad pie e.g. Wow, that filling combination was a bit of a sur-pies! (Supplied by @MotherMash)

Ex-pie-rience - A positive or negative occurrence that happens involving pie e.g. Eating at that new pie shop was a great ex-pie-rience! (Supplied by Poonam)

Ex-pie-riment - Trying something new with a pie e.g. Adding spice to that pie was a bit of an ex-pie-riment!

Pie-jack - When a topic is taken over by talk of pie e.g. We were having an interesting discussion on the meaning of life until you pie-jacked it!

Pie-peline - When there is something planned that involves pie e.g. There's plenty more of that in the pie-peline! (Supplied by James M)

Spie - A secret agent on a mission to find top rated pie e.g. One of the guys in the restaurant looked like some kind of spie, the way he was analysing the pie menu! (Supplied by James B)

Pie-cycle - A bike ridden to burn off some pie calories and make room for more pie! e.g. After a long pie-cycle ride, it was more a question of how many pies - not if they would eat pies - for @TeamPie1 (Supplied by James B)

Occu-pied - When something pie related takes up your full attention e.g. As soon as he saw the menu he was occu-pied! (Supplied by @FarmersgirlCoook)

Pros-pie-rous - A successful - in terms of pies consumed - event or period of time e.g. We wish you all a prosPIErous New Year! (Supplied by @liziatko)

Pie-fect - A pie or pie situation that fully meets your expectations! e.g. It was a pie-fect place to eat at! (Supplied by @claireeveoliver)

Ins-pie-re - To create great excitement and a movement of change relating to pies e.g. We really hope Pierate will ins-pie-re a generation (Supplied by @claireeveoliver)

Ap-pie - When you need to make a pie related application e.g. How do I appie for a job at this establishment?! (Supplied by @theonlybenjones)

Pie-na colada - A drink to consume alongside a pie e.g. I'd love to be on holiday with a pie and piena colada! (Supplied by @liziatko)

Pie-land - A tropical holiday location where the national food is pie! (possibly in South-East Asia) e.g. I'm going on holiday to Pie-land this year! (Supplied by @catmfarinha at 13:59 on 29/01/14)

Pie-lates - An exercise to burn off those additional pie calories e.g. I went to pie-lates tonight as part of my New Year's Resolution (better than cutting out the pies!) (Supplied by @richtamblyn)

Lackapiephobia - A dangerous medical condition caused by a lack of pie to the human body e.g. It was reported that the man was taken into hos-pie-tal with a severe case of lackapiephobia. (Supplied by @MotherMash)

Hos-pie-tal - The location where cases of acute Lackapiephobia need to be treated e.g. Fortunately there was only one thing on the menu at the hos-pie-tal... pie!

V-I-Pie - A very important pie or very important pie eater e.g. The V-I-Pies (Very Important Pie-eaters) were welcomed with open arms to Morecambe Football Club. (See the Morecambe FC review here.) (Supplied by @AlexandraDunca3)

Pie-d Piper - A name that can be given to people who attract lovely pies away from the pie shop e.g. It appeared the Pie-d Piper had been at it again when the local pie shop ran out of stock by midday for the second day running! (Supplied by @nice_pie1)

Pie back - Returning a favour with pie e.g. The delicious pie for pudding was pie-back for forgetting to do dessert last week. (Supplied by @AlexandraDunca3)

Ex-pie-dition - A journey to find pie e.g. Feeling extremely hungry, they set off on an ex-pie-dition to get pie for dinner! (Supplied by @catmfarinha at 18:41 on 31/01/14)

Ex-pie-ted - When you are really looking forward to eating a pie or going to a pie event e.g. I was really ex-pie-ted to be eating another pie for dinner - I'd already had one for Breakfast and Lunch! (Supplied by @AlexandraDunca3)

Pie-ography - An account of the life of a pie or pie provider e.g. It was really interesting to read the Pie-ography of the local pie maker, to see how it all started! (Supplied by @nice_pie1)

I like English pies the best because I am pastryotic (Supplied by @liziatko)

S-pie-ce Station - An intergalactic outpost to eat pies in outer space! e.g. It was great to be able to stop off for a pie at the S-pie-ce Station on our way to Mars! (Supplied by @LawranceOwen)

Pie-rogative - A special right or privilege relating to pie. e.g. It was his pie-rogative to be the first person to rate their pie. (Supplied by @chris_is_a_chef)

Sim-pie-thy - Feeling sorry for a situation involving pie. e.g. He had no sim-pie-thy for anyone else as he grabbed the last slice of pie. (Supplied by @chris_is_a_chef)

Im-pie-ressive - A pie or pie-related situation that takes your breath away. e.g. It was an imPIEressive array of pies available on the menu. (Supplied by Pete)

Com-pie-mise - A difficult decision to make involving pie. e.g. With only one of his favourite pie flavour left, he had to comPIEmise and choose a different second pie.

Pie-tition - A list of signatures to get ones pie-related issues off ones chest. e.g. A new pietition was launched recently calling for criminal charges against calling a casserole with pastry lid a pie.

Piet - A persons food intake based primarily on pies. e.g. Eating pies for all 21 meals of British Pie Week was only a slight change to his piet. (Supplied by @MarkForrestShow)

Pie-severance - Holding out for that top pie promise. e.g. It took a lot of pieseverance but Jenny Jones finally got her pie!

Pup-pie - No, not a controversial pie filling but a baby dog that loves their meaty treats wrapped in pastry! e.g. We bought some Pork Pie flavoured dog treats from @TopCollar for our new puppie! (Supplied by @michlan)

Carpie diem - To seize the pie! e.g. If you are wondering whether today is a good day for pie - carpie diem. (Supplied by Jez)

Ex-pie-tese - Skill and knowledge related to pie or a pie-related situation. e.g. With a wealth of pies reviewed, he had all the ex-pie-tese needed to make a great choice.

De-pie-vied - Not getting your daily dosage of pie e.g. We couldn't get access to the pie for a whole hour - we were completely depieved! (Supplied by @HollyVsFood)

Co-pie-righted - Restrictive legislation related to pie! e.g. We thought we couldn't use this pie pun because it was copierighted! (Supplied by @HollyVsFood)

Nobel PIES - Surely the greatest pie accolade known to man (other than the title of highest rated pie on Pierate, of course! e.g. Surely for their contribution to all things pastry they should win the Nobel Pies?! (Supplied by @iccleaver)

Tele-pie-tation - The science of moving a pie from one place to another e.g. If only we had some sort of telepietation device to get some more of your lovely pies over here!

Pie-cisely - Something exact involving pie e.g. That was piecisely the filling I was looking for! (Supplied by @Brays_Cottage)

Pie-ssibilities - Opportunities involving pie e.g. The piessibilities are endless!

Pie-romaniac - Someone's going crazy with pies!!! e.g. That guy throwing pies around was an absolute pieromaniac! (Supplied by @grapevine_art)

Pie-tential - When an op-pie-tunity arises involving pie e.g. There was great pietential in that flavour really selling well

Pie-deas - Pie related thoughts. e.g. That mix of flavours and pastry was a great piedea! (Supplied by @paramourpieclub)

Pie-deology - The piedeas behind the way a pie eater lives or pie company makes pies. e.g. The piedeology behind the company was simple - top quality, local ingredients. (Supplied by @paramourpieclub)

In honour of British Bake Off 2014 Contestant Norman's wonderful Pie Week Show Stopper:
Pie-ful Tower - A monument of pastry and filling that embodies the fine structural integrity of a certain famous monument in Paris. e.g. The Pie-ful Tower Show Stopper was enough to win any baking comPIEtition! Ah, yes... apart from that lavender...

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  1. pie-cycle- what's ridden (not by Rob or me) to lose weight after eating too many pies.



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