Tuesday 11 January 2011

Screaming 4 the Pies!

After a hard morning at work, what better way to unwind than with a cheeky lunchtime pie?! For as it says on the menu – “Pie not?” Heading into the local Scream pub, the “Pies! Pies! Pies! Pies!” slogan on the bar gave me a welcome boost on my lunch break from work (yes, sadly even the top Pierateers have to work hard for their dollar dollar to fund their enormous pie consumption). And there was certainly no lack of pies on the pub menu – 4 to be precise including an intriguing Chicken and Limerick Ham Pie which I went for. (There was also a Butternut Squash Pie on the menu which wouldn’t really float my boat but certainly provides a random alternative for the veggie pie lovers out there!) And with curly fries on the side, I certainly wasn’t gonna hold back!

So to the pie! The pie came served with a layer of beef gravy on top of the pie and the accompanying curly fries and peas...which I have to say has become a staple of recent Chicken Pie purchases for me. While it certainly re-raised the debate of ‘does beef gravy really go best with a white wine pie sauce?’ personally it didn’t ruin the pie for me. I do think if there’s a nice white wine sauce in the pie then it doesn’t need the dinner to be caked in beef gravy too (and the lads who know me well will know that I love a little bit of dinner with my gravy!) Anyhow... the pie was made with short crust pastry and the lid of the pie was particularly crisp and tasty, even if the base was slightly less tasty and probably on the ‘too thick’ side. But certainly the content was very good – particularly the chicken pieces but the ham was good too (even if you did need a microscope to see the pieces of ham!). Not sure what the ‘Limerick’ part of the ham was all about though! And the leek in there was a little OTT for my liking but complemented the meal in proportion. One thing’s for certain – you wouldn’t be screaming like a baby after downing a pie from your local Scream Pub! Here’s hoping the pies continue to be a staple of their menu, so we’ve got something to continue screaming about here at Pierate!

So in summary – while the “Scream Burger” has become a bit of an institution of the Scream chain of pubs, here’s hoping that the “Scream Pies” become a bit of a fans favourite as well!

Score: 4.2/7

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  1. Great review, infact it inspired me to have one of these pies straight away as I happened to be in a scream bar. I really had no answer to the question pie not? I agree that the filling was good but the pastry wasn't the best. Also my friend had the steak and ale pie which was twice the size of this one.


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