Sunday 5 August 2012

Olympic Pie: Football at London 2012

Peter's Steak Pie review

You’d have struggled to miss that the 30th Olympic Games are in full swing, being hosted by the city of London - London 2012. And with some of the Pierateers getting involved in the volunteering effort, it has left a bit quiet following the celebratory #100thPie Review. But fear not, for the lads have still been busy tucking into pies – of Olympic standard, none-the-less – and here is the first Olympic Pie review...

London 2012 venue 'The City of Coventry Stadium'
Visiting the City of Coventry Stadium for the Olympic men’s football, I had a bit of time to kill between watching Mexico beat Gabon and the start of the South Korea-Switzerland tie, so what better way to spend that time than in getting that first Olympic Pie under my belt?! I went for the Steak Pie...because, well, that was sadly the only pie on offer. But in any case, steak is one of my favourite flavours, so the limited selection wasn’t going to put me off! Queuing up was however a bit of a mission, with hundreds of fans streaming out of the stands to get their footie pie fix. Fortunately I had my good friends Gavin, Joel and Christine to chat to in the queue, and to ease the disappointment when I found out that having queued for at least 30 minutes, I would have to wait a further 10 minutes to get my hands on the food, due to exceptional demand for pies! I can’t say I’m surprised though, because when I got to dig in it was delicious.

The pastry was golden and the filling piping hot (possibly even too hot – I had to wait a while for it to cool down!) The gravy was delicious and complimented the meat well, with my main disappointment being that the chunks of meat were a bit too large and therefore meat was not well spaced evenly throughout the pie but more in clusters. But the pie itself was a good effort, particularly appeasing the footie pie fan within me. While not a gold medal winning effort, it was certainly worthy of a medal and the Olympic movement should be happy with the pies on offer. What I only found out later was that this was in fact a Peter’s Steak Pie, for the branding had been removed pre-Olympic Games due to there not being an official Pie sponsor of the Olympic Games. It only begs the question “why is there not a pie sponsor for the Olympics?!?!”

Peter's Steak Pie
Score: 5.75/7


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