Friday 18 January 2013

Apple and Blackberry reviewed on your Apple or Blackberry?!

Tesco Apple and Blackberry Pie Review

The sweet combination of Bramley apple and blackberry filling in a butter enriched short crust pastry should go down a treat on any occasion, but when you have around 100 hungry mouths to feed on a weekend away, the pressure really is on to hit the sweet spot! So in steps Mr Tesco with the Tesco Apple & Blackberry Pie. Sure, it will no doubt taste quite similar to the recently reviewed Tesco Bramley Apple Pie, but what would the blackberries add to the mixer? did all those other pie boxes
"happen" to get in the background?!
Well, once again the Tesco sweet pie really does contain tasty chunks of Bramley apple and juicy blackberries in a delicious sweet sauce. There’s certainly no missing them, as they are slightly chewy due to their crisp nature, but the content is good and capacity next to bursting! The flavours complimented each other well and the golden coloured sweet butter enriched pastry. The short crust pastry was lovely and crunchy – perhaps almost a little too much bite to it but generally of a very high standard. The lid and base had no signs of sogginess, coming out in very good condition, and the filling was particularly fruity and full of flavour. While not blown away, it was a very reasonable pie (reasonably cheap at £2.60 for 8 slices) and I would certainly commend it. The taste was certainly consistently good throughout the pie. It seems like Tesco have finally got something right!

And as for the cryptic title of this blog post... well hopefully this pie will receive a few more thumbs up in the coming days, as this pie is planned to be part of an unofficial world record attempt, as we get as many reviewers as possible on the weekend away to use their mobiles and have their say on the pie too. Watch this space!

Oh and before you ask, yes I have checked the ingredients on the box, and no, there is no horse meat listed as being in this pie... (and for those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, Tesco supermarket in the UK were recently embroiled in controversy for selling beef burgers that contained horse meat. Simple neigh-gligence if you ask me!)

Tesco Apple & Blackberry
Score: 5.15/7



  1. Appropriate ratio of apple & blackcurrent sauce to pastry


  2. A magnificently crunchy pie, which is exactly how it should be. A 5.8 at least.

    Yours appreciatively,

  3. A delicious fruity pie, the only downside was the small size of the slice! A solid 5.134 out of 7.

  4. Top pie, nice and filling...! 6/7

    Jeremy R

  5. Berry fruity and scrumptious to a P.

    Sarah J.

  6. A slice of happiness. Good pastry!

  7. The crispness of the pastry was very pleasing and the contents well filled and delicious.


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