Monday 23 September 2013

Pies and sports: the best match ever!

Many people hold the common misconception that pies and athleticism don't go hand in hand. But nothing could be further from the truth! What sports are good to watch with a pie in hand?

Football and pie. That's the obvious one:

Pukka Pie at Half Time

But we also tried the match of pie with tennis:

Sainsbury's Pork Pie

And a shot at badminton and pie:

NIA Apple Pie

And were served up a pie while watching Olympic table tennis:

In June 2014, Pierateer RAS was also able to add pie at the cricket to the list of pie and sport matches on a visit to Edgbaston Cricket Club!

Pie at the Cricket

So it's clear that sports and pies really are the best match. What other sports do you love to watch while eating pie? Lacrosse? Curling? Canoeing? Let us know!


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