Thursday 17 September 2015

Best pies in Birmingham

Birmingham Pie Reviews

Are you wondering what the best pie in Birmingham is? Well then, you've come to the right place - Pierate, the Pie Review Blog! With Pierateer Rob based in Birmingham for over 10 years now, we've reviewed quite a few pies in England's second city. And while we admit there's still a lot of the little beige delights still tucked away in various shops, stalls and pubs around the city that we haven't got our hands on yet, we've rated loads of top Birmingham pies and our mission is to try and pie rate them all!

Jekyll and Hyde Steak Pie
Jekyll and Hyde Steak Pie
One of our highest ranked pies thus far comes from the Jekyll and Hyde pub in central Birmingham. Their steak pie reached the dizzy heights of 6.45/7 on the seven Cs of pie rating a few years ago and they have consistently rated well with their "World of Pi(e)" offerings more recently. The Jekyll and Hyde pub also offered the great backdrop to Pierateer Rob's TV appearance on BBC One's Rip Off Britain.

Right in the heart of Birmingham City Centre you will also find the beautifully decorated "The Botanist", which as you may expect from the name has a beautiful floral d├ęcor and some nice pies to boot! One of the nicest places I've eaten pie in! For a more historic location, you'll struggle to beat the Old Joint Stock, opposite Birmingham Cathedral. With a great range of pies on offer and a spectacular setting to eat them in, this Fuller's Pie and Ale House is certainly worth a visit. There are some exquisite top crust pies in The Junction Pub in Harborne - with some fully encased pies soon to be rated there! And we can't miss out some fabulous butcher's pies from Eric Lyons Ltd in Solihull which were Pierate Recommended.

More recently we've rated some pies in the new Square Pie shop in the open plan restaurant area of the new Grand Central Shopping Centre, specifically as part of their "Rugby World Cup" pie range. Plus we've also Pierate Recommended the pies in The Stable - a new pizza, pie and cider restaurant in the city centre.

There are also a number of pies we still have our eyes on in Birmingham, so look out for reviews from The Pie Factory in Tipton - which does unfortunately only do top crusts but are highly regarded - and from "Pietanic", who are a pie street vendor.

We also can't write an article about pies in Birmingham without reference to the sad closure of "Urban Pie" in the Bullring, who once referred to us on their blog saying "Pie bloggers the Pierateers have been hit with Urban Pie fever - even the pie experts love our pies!"

And don't forget we've already covered the best pies in London in more detail in our Best Pies in London Restaurants article, if you're ever popping down south!

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  1. You need to try Pietanic. Easily the best pies I've ever eaten. He makes excellent mash and gravy too!

    1. Thanks very much - they are certainly on my to-pie list!!!


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