Friday 20 December 2013

Top Collar Pork Pie Dog Biscuits are a real treat!

Top Collar Pork Pie Dog Biscuits Review

Top Collar Pork Pie Dog Biscuits
Top Collar Pork Pie Dog Biscuits
For most people who have a dog, their pet really is one of the family. They share the sofa, the bed and most probably a fair few pie scraps at the dinner table! But rather than just getting given the pie leftovers, what if there was a pork pie flavoured treat designed especially with dogs in mind?! Well that’s the brain child of Sophie at Top Collar!

In fact, Sophie’s passion for creating wholesome, fresh, meatilicious dog treats makes me kind of wish I was a dog! And when we heard that there were pork pie flavoured treats in her dog biscuit range, our Pierateer dog’s ears pricked up! We had to give some a rating!

At £4.95 for the dog biscuits and postage, these are a reasonable price to pay for dog treats, but you do have to remember the freshness of the ingredients used to make these biscuits! Don’t go leaving them around for long (as you might with mass produced dry dog biscuits), as they are made with fresh meat and therefore need to be eaten quickly – not that your pet dog is ever going to let you keep hold of these special treats for long!!!

But enough of me talking... these photos of Geordie eating the pork pie treats tell their own story!!!

Woof...Woof...Woof!!! Geordie and the Pork Pie Biscuits!
Geordie’s owner made these helpful comments:

Like most (or is that all?) Golden Retrievers, Geordie always enjoys biscuits, but given the speed with which he:-

1) assumed the position (bottom hitting the floor);
2) was very focussed (see photos);
3) waited patiently;
4) woofed the biscuits down; and
5) came back for more;

it fair to say that he very much enjoyed his new treats. A probable canine vote would be maximum points with 7 out of 7!

Safe to say that Sophie really has hit the nail on the head with these pie flavoured treats! While I would of course rather eat a pie than just a product that tasted like a pie, it is still a fab idea to provide the taste of pie to our canine companions and we wish Sophie all the best with her new venture. I’m sure dogs up and down the country will love their owners for buying these pork pie treats this Christmas time!

Oh and a word of advice to Sophie... You better get stockpiling on the pork pie dog biscuits!!!

For further info, do check out the Top Collar website and @TopCollar twitter feed. Thanks to Geordie’s owners for taking the photos and providing feedback. And thanks so much to Sophie for sending us a free sample! You can tell Geordie really enjoyed them!


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