Friday 10 February 2012

Eyes on the Pies in Footie trip to Sheffield

So, less than 16 hours remain until the big match up that they've all been waiting for - and I'm not just talking about the football between Sheffield United and Wycombe!

For this weekend marks the first opportunity for the Pierateers to trial a pie that has been recommended to them by a reader of the blog, even if it is not from the recommended "Suggest A Pie" option on! (For those not aware, there is the option to Suggest A Pie to the lads, which they will hopefully (in the fullness of time) be able to go and rate themselves.)

Some of you will remember the article I am referring to, where there were two comments regarding the article on "good things coming to those who wait". In these comments, the kind commenter suggested coming up to Sheffield to taste the delights of a Chatsworth Farmshop pie. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this weekend sees the opportunity for that dream to come true! And with it, a goosy gander at the big League One clash between Sheffield United and Wycombe. So, keep your eyes peeled in the next few days for a review of the pie, and if the result is not too demoralising on Wycombe, maybe a reference to the footie result too!

p.s. Did you know...

Who ate all the pies? – the chant was first sung in 1984 by Sheffield United fans- aimed at goalkeeper William 'Fatty' Foulke – who weighed over 300lb.

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