Sunday 21 October 2012

Tasty at the Tavern?

Selly park tavern pieThe Selly ParkTavern was the place to go with friends from the X:site youth event in Birmingham, to catch up on the latest event and have a meal together. And with the night chosen being “Pie Night”, surely it couldn’t have been better timed! So having ordered my Chicken and Ham Suet Pie, I eagerly awaited its arrival – especially as there hadn’t been even a hint of a discount on the pie despite it being pie night after all! Was it really that good?!


Sadly I have to say it didn’t blow me away. The filling was quite a nice consistency with the chicken and ham complementing one another well. It was a nice sauce too. However the pastry left me disappointed. It was rather too crispy and dry on the outside but with the pastry being quite thick the centre was quite soggy. The taste was also quite overpowering. Particularly as the price hadn’t even been discounted for pie night, it was a bit of a blow. There’s certainly better pies on the Ember Inns menu.

Chicken and Ham Suet Pie (Ember Inns)
Score: 3.95/7


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