Saturday 19 October 2013

50,000 pageviews helping to ins-pie-re a generation

Two glorious weeks last July and August helped Great Britain – and London in particular – to carry the Olympic spirit and inspire a generation. So said Lord Coe at the end of London 2012, the closing sentiments of the 30th Olympic Games. “Britain we did it right. Thank you.” forward just over 14 months and another landmark event has just passed, as the Pierateers celebrated reaching 50,000 pageviews on Saturday 19th October 2013. In what can only be described as a meteoric rise in pie fanaticism, the Pierate blog has shot to prominence in 2013 and to number one in the Google rankings when searching “pie review” (try it yourself and see!). From its humble beginnings in November 2009 to the 20,000 pageviews by the start of January 2013, this has been the year the Pierateers really set sail. With offers of free pies flooding in left, right and centre, and almost 250 pies now reviewed, today we celebrate reaching 50,000 pageviews! And in the coming weeks we will be unveiling our newest Honorary Pierateer to celebrate reaching this landmark.

So to all the fans of and those who have taken the time to even just have a brief look – THANK YOU! To those who have stuck with us through the top crust outrages, the cringe pie puns, photo after photo after photo of yet another pie we’ve eaten and rated – we salute you! To pie companies that have provided us with discounted or free pie for an unbiased pie review – we a-pie-reciate it all! To the people who have suggested pies we should rate and promoted our pie blog – you truely are friends indeed! To those who read our blog and particularly the friends and family that have to hear us bang on about pies more than most – we hope we are in some little way helping to ins-pie-re a new generation of pie lovers out there! And we welcome you back on board the Pierate Ship time and time again in the future, as we look to continue sailing into the record books as the web’s leading pie reviewing website and the only place where you get to sail the 7 Cs of pie rating.

Pierate Winners
Ins-pie-ring the next generation: Pierate competition winners with their t-shirts
Don’t forget to regularly check back to our Pie Rankings to see where our new pie rated adventures score in our growing list and do check the Pies: Categorised page for our top 3 lists and our branded pie comparisons (especially useful if you are in your local supermarket and eyeing up the pies!)

In closing, we never really dreamt that this little bit of pun and pie games that we call would set sail on the course it has, but with so many more adventures in the pie-peline, including preparations for our #250pies celebrations and our “12 pies of Christmas” video and reviews – there’s no stopping us now! We arrrrrgh sure of that, me hearties!

So pie fans, I hope we’ve done it right so far. Thank you. And here’s to the next 50,000 pageviews!!!


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