Friday 4 October 2013

A GLUTEN FREE pie thats worth eating - yes honestly!!

When I was invited to review a gluten free pie for the pierateers I was shocked but very excited! I had never tried a gluten free apple pie before!! So my review is based on a comparisson between what I remember apple pies to taste like before I was diagnosed as a coeliac four years ago. Just seeing the box of gluten free pies put a big smile on my face (with the exception of the supermarket name).

Prior to opening the box, I was expecting a crumbly mess of broken pieces of apple pie - because gluten free pastry does NOT hold together. To my surprise, this was not how I found the four gleaming pies. Not even a crumble had dislodged. See picture below!!

The colour was great, and the top was sprinkled with a little sugar - just the right amount.  My first bite filled me with joy and yet slight shock of the slightly fake apple taste, which I had forgotten is an element of the classic apple pie. I quickly got over this and was blown away by the amazing pastry. There was no air gap beneath the lid (which is the classic sign of a cheap pie). I think that the filling, could have had a higher proportion of apple pieces to apple syrup and the syrup was slightly rubbery. None the less, I would definitely buy this pie again and recommend to fellow coeliacs. Coming in at around £2.00 for four pies, this is a competitive price given that gluten free foodstuffs are normally twice the price of a branded product. 

Colour = 6
Consistency = 6
Content = 4.5
Capacity = 6
Cheapness = 5.5
Chewiness = 6
Condition = 7

Tesco Gluten Free Apple
Score: 5.86/7


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  1. will be recommending these pies to my mum - thanks for the review and website!
    also "stuarts of buckhaven" make the best pies have ever tasted! and they are teuchters! lol

    1. Thanks very much! Always nice to hear our pie review blog is proving helpful! I'll add stuarts of buckhaven to our suggest-a-pie page!


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