Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Piebury Corner Scotch Pie

Pie Review of the Piebury Corner 'Charlie Nicholas' Scotch Pie

Piebury Corner Scotch Pie Review
Piebury Corner Scotch Pie
I think you can tell a lot about a pie by the amount of distance someone is willing to travel to get their hands on the best! And I can’t think of a much bigger example of that than Paul of Piebury Corner:

Yes, you read that right! Paul travels 1,000 miles from his London shop to Scotland and back in order to pick up Scotch pies from the West side of Scotland. [The reason why it’s the west side of Scotland, in case you were wondering, is because the west coast is more famed for its prime minced beef Scotch pies, compared to the typical minced mutton Scotch pies on the east coast of Scotland.] Paul gets them from a former World Scotch Pie making champion, so you know they’ve got pedigree.

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Piebury Corner Scotch Pie Review
Piebury Corner Scotch Pie

So the 'Charlie Nicholas' then... the 100% minced beef Scotch Pie from Piebury Corner. Of course you already know it is 100% minced beef inside and immediately as you cut through the crisp top layer of pastry you can see the minced beef , spread evenly throughout the pie. There’s no padding it with vegetables or anything unnecessary – it’s just meat, meat and more meat! That’s something we’re quite comfortable with at Pierate HQ!

The pastry top edge was so nice and crisp, a good contrast to the slightly softer side and base pastry. This contrast worked well. The meat was good, with a bit of spice that lingered slightly after eating but not in an overly in-your-face manner. We’ve already commented on it being beef – rather than mutton – and it was certainly a pie I would happily eat again.

At £5 it is the cheapest ‘pie and potato’ combo on the menu (or just £3 for the pie alone in restaurant and just £2 to take away), which considering the amount of petrol used to collect these pies is quite a feat! A good size and one that filled the hole well for lunch. I wouldn’t have minded it being a little bigger if I was having it for my dinner though.

On reflection, I think I would generally go for a ‘chunks of meat’ rather than minced meat option given the range of top rated pies at Piebury Corner, but Paul has done us a great favour by bringing a top Scotch pie to the table of London pie fans and  it's top rated. It’s gunner have to be one great pie to travel 1,000 miles for! And I would drive 500 miles and I would drive 500 more...

Piebury Corner Scotch Pie (Minced Beef) ‘Charlie Nicholas’
Score: 5.96/7
[Colour 5.5/7; Consistency 6.5/7; Cheapness 6/7; Chewiness 6.5/7; Condition 5.5/7; Content 5.75/7; Capacity 6/7; Total: 5.96/7]

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