Saturday 30 November 2013

A Different Taste with Sainsbury's?

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Apple Pie Review

Most supermarkets have a premium range of products but are they really worth paying more for? Looking for a pudding for a family meal I came across a Sainsbury Taste the Difference Apple Pie. This pie looked delightful with a lovely golden colour and wonderfully shaped pastry. However I had to think twice because at £4 this was almost twice as much as similar products. Cheapness is one of the seven Cs for a reason, the Pierateers are a frugal bunch. We aren’t just looking for the best pies, but the pies that we think are worth buying. So this pie had to do a lot to make up for the relatively high price.

The first feather in the cap of this pie was the fact that it was actually quite big. Six people were comfortably served from this pie. This was a dual review from Pierateers SJL and ARL so came under even closer scrutiny than normal. Firstly the pastry…. this one was good for the dairy industry because it was lovely and buttery. Crunchy but not dry (despite being slightly over done on the edge), many try and achieve such a combination but few succeed. Next the content…. rough chunks of bramley apple delight. Other pies make up for a lack of apple taste by piling in the sugar but this pie left a sweet taste of a different kind. The sweet taste of knowing you have made the right pie purchase. You can get pies at half the price, but they’re not half as good. I often think these premium products are not worth buying but on this occasion I really can taste the difference.

ARL – 5.96
SJL – 5.75

Taste the Difference Apple Pie (Sainsburys)


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