Wednesday 11 June 2014

Another Not-So-Big Big Pie from Heinz

Heinz/Peters Pies Chicken And Bacon Big Pie Review

You may recall that recently we reviewed three Heinz Big Pies, and now I'm going to review a fourth pie from Heinz: the chicken and bacon.

You'll note that this pie promises to be "Big on flavour" - sounds promising!
Out of the oven, this pie is a nice colour but has cracked around the edges. The lid of the pie is lifting away from the sides, which will unfortunately lose this pie a few marks for condition.
Cutting open the pie for the cross-sectional view, you can see that the lid has held its domed shape well. The filling is nice and creamy, and the gravy is very smooth. The chicken is not chewy, and the filling tastes nice. The pie is underfilled, but its not terrible. This isn't a bad pie by any means, but its not particularly exciting, and doesn't have that hand-crafted wholesomeness that I love in pies. But lets be honest here, this pie was £1. That is a bargain for this sort of quality. However, for something called a "Big Pie", this pie is surprisingly small, and I finished it wanting more.

Heinz Chicken and Bacon Big Pie
Score: 4.6/7

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