Wednesday 18 June 2014

World Cup Pie-Off - Australia v Netherlands

With Australia against Netherlands in the Group Stage of the World Cup 2014, it's not just the players on the pitch getting a rating. Oh no! We couldn't let these two heavyweights battle it out without some reference to their pie line ups! So off the back of our England v Italy World Cup Pie-Off, here's our second match up!

The World Cup Pie-Off idea is simple – a straight head-to-head between the top rated pie from Australia and The Netherlands.

Enjoying the World Cup? Love Pie? Then our World Cup 2014 Pie Blog is the place to be! Being updated regularly throughout the Football World Cup with pie links and info!

Australia Pie Review
Australia Pie Review
Aussie Aussie Aussie - Pie Pie Pie! You won't be surprised to know that Australia is pretty fanatical about their pies! After all, their city centres are filled with pie shops in the same way our British cities are filled with coffee shops! Check out our special Australian Pie investigation and our review of the top pie we rated there.

Also, we've actually found the Australian Pierate!!! It's called piefinder and sadly it appears they only lasted about 9 months before giving up (May 2012 to February 2013). Of course, we've rated far more pies! We’ve rated over 370 pies so far and, while the vast majority of them have been from England, there are pies rated from a whole host of countries - something we celebrate on our World Cup Pie Blog International Rankings Table!

Netherlands Pie Review
Netherlands Pie Review
The Netherlands, on the other hand, was surprisingly lacking in pies when I visited a number of cities there a few years ago. Despite seeing quite a bit of pastry, there was a distinct lack of pie. I did however find a pie eventually, spotting an apple pie as I passed a McDonald's store in the centre of Amsterdam. It wasn't really what I was hoping to find as a summary of the pie production by the Dutch but at least this was not the shocking "pie" that is sold in England's McDonald's stores - oh no! This was an actual pie! Check it out in our full review.

So onto the pie-off and here are the results of the top pie from each country (click on the pie for the full review):

InfoAustralia PieScorevsScoreNetherlands Pie
Spicy Tuna Pie
Apple Pie
Crown Food Court, Melbourne

So there we have it - Australia take the win on our Seven Cs. Whether that is the case on the football field, we will see on 18th June!

And it seems that we're not the only guys having a World Cup food contest! For alongside our Pie-Offs, the Great British BBQ website are having their own World Cup Sausage contest called "El Sausageo 2014". To see which sizzling sausage wins in their World Cup match offs, visit the El Sausageo website!


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